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2005/10/05 / Oleg Soroka

I finally got my copy of VMWare 5.0 and started creating another test environment WSS.  My system only has 1Gig of memory, so to go beyond 2 virtual servers really slows things down. So I installed 2 virtual Windows Server 2003 servers, and designated one as WSS02 and the other as PROJ02.  On PROJ02, I installed SQL 2000 w/SP4 and I have Project Server 2003 ready to install.  In order to re-create my production environment, I am following the Server Farm with Multiple Host Names Deployment from the Windows Sharepoint Administration Guide. I installed WSS from the command line with the remotesql=yes command which launches the GUI wizard.  Then to create the virtual administration server, I ran stsadm.exe with the following options:

stsadm.exe -o setadminport -port 6543 -admapcreatenew
-admapidname wssadmin
-admapidtype configurableid
-admapidlogin administrator
-admapidpwd  ******

I then got the System Error 1057 while trying to query service "SPTimer".  A quick search and I found out that I forgot to add the domain to my username.  Did you catch that?  Once I set -admapidlogin WSS02administrator, it went through and completed successfully!! I then created the configuration database by running stsadm.exe with the following options:

stsadm.exe -o setconfigdb -ds proj02 -dn sts_config -hh

The -hh is the host header parameter and is only available from the command line. This puts WSS into a scalable hosting mode, which is needed for multiple hosts.  I am not exactly sure how all that works, but that is what the documentation says.  I would be happy to hear about other ways that might work better too.  So far so good; I am pleased with VMWare’s performance.

More to come when I get ready to integrate the Project server and also try to get working some backups and restores.  My next post will focus on my meeting with a Microsoft Project Server 2003 specialist.


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