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2010/11/26 / Oleg Soroka

Dell ExtPart

I learned about this great tool from a colleague of mine this week. Dell ExtPart conveniently extends any windows partition including your c: drive! Even more amazing is this tool has been around since 2003 and I’m just now hearing about it… What’s up with that!?

Working in IT and especially with VMWare, there are always times where you add more disk or a case where you forgot to format properly during OS install and you need to expand your system disk. In the past, I’ve always had to re-install or turn to tools such as partition magic or opensource software for physical machines. VMs were somewhat easier because you could mount the system disk on another VM perform the expansion.

Now the process couldn’t be easier. Download this 36KB utility at the link below, extract and run extpart.exe, follow the promtps, and in 15-30 seconds you’re done!

NOTE: A word of caution. When I first ran the utility and it asked me for an expand size, I entered the total size that I wanted my system drive to be. This is wrong because it is actually asking how much space you would like to add to your existing drive size. If you want to go from 15G to 20G, then you would only enter 5G into the prompt.


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